Xiaomi Recently Unveiled Smart Glasses With Calling, Photo, and Navigation Functions

Xiaomi Recently Unveiled Smart Glasses With Calling, Photo, and Navigation Functions

Xiaomi Smart Glasses will only show the most important notifications, the company said.

Xiaomi Recently Unveiled Smart Glasses With Calling, Photo, and Navigation Functions
Source : Xiaomi website

Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, the company’s first smart eyewear gadget.
The Xiaomi Smart Glasses resemble regular sunglasses, but they contain sensors and an image system that enable a variety of smart capabilities such as navigation and real-time text translation.
The Smart Glasses are small and light, weighing only 51 grammes, and feature an unique MicroLED optical waveguide technology that displays messages and notifications right in front of your eyes, according to the company. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses will conduct phone calls, provide augmented reality (AR) navigation, record images, and translate text in real time.

The new Xiaomi Smart Glasses revealed, however there is no word on cost or availability.The wearable will most likely launch in China initially, before expanding to other areas. Xiaomi’s new Smart Glasses competes with Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. Facebook has taken the classic Wayfarer frames and combined them with smart components to offer a variety of features.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a squarish frame with a band running on top. The band that sits on top of the ears is slightly thick, presumably laden with sensors. As mentioned, the glasses adopt the MicroLED imaging technology to lower the design space needed in structural design, as well as the overall weight of the device. Xiaomi says that MicroLEDs have a higher pixel density and a simpler structure. This allows for a more compact display, as well as easier screen integration. It has a display chip measuring just 2.4×2.02mm. Under a microscope, Xiaomi says the display is roughly the size of a grain of rice, with individual pixels sized at 4μm.

Source – Xiaomi Official Channel

Xiaomi has a monochrome display solution to allow sufficient light to pass through and it is said to be capable of reaching a peak brightness of 2 million nits. The company says that the Xiaomi Smart Glasses integrates a total of 497 components including miniature sensors and communication modules. According to the company, the wearable is able to do independent operations like navigation, take photos, act as a teleprompter, and offer real-time text and photo translations. Xiaomi Smart Glasses are also said to minimise interruptions at inconvenient times and display important information when it is critical.

Xiaomi Recently Unveiled Smart Glasses With Calling, Photo, and Navigation Functions

The new Xiaomi Smart Glasses weigh only 51 grams, and it supports XiaoAI AI assistant for voice commands. This is the ‘primary interaction method’. The glasses will filter notifications and display only the most important ones. For instance, smart home alarms, urgent information from office apps, and messages from important contacts i prioritized over others. The new glasses come with built-in dual beamforming microphone and speaker to enable phone calling feature. In addition, Xiaomi Smart Glasses can present roads and maps in front of you in real time so that you can keep your eyes on the road safely and conveniently.

There is a 5-megapixel camera on the Smart Glasses to take photos and translate text as well. The company says that the Smart Glasses are also capable of transcribing audio into text with translations in real time. Other features include a quad-core ARM processor, a touch pad, and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Xiaomi says that the Smart Glasses run on the Android operating system.


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