Viruman movie review: Karthi’s movie is same old village drama.

Viruman movie review: Karthi’s movie is same old village drama.

Viruman movie starring Karthi, Aditi Shankar, Prakash Raj and directed by Muthaiah is a repetitious movie with a formulaic plot. According to our evaluation, Karthi and Prakash Raj’s performances partially redeemed this deteriorating narrative.

Viruman movie review: Karthi's movie is same old village drama.
Viruman movie review: Karthi’s movie is same old village drama.

Viruman adheres to simple village based drama. What qualities characterise a rural performer? Conflicts between families, a heroine whose skin is darkened to resemble a rural girl, a fierce villain, and a sidekick who makes jokes. Tamil film has specifically educated its audience this about screenplays with rural settings. And Viruman adheres exactly to that.

Tahsildar Muniyaandi (Prakash Raj) is sexist and misogynistic. He is the type of guy who believes that a woman in his home should cater to a man’s pleasure and is primarily there to bear children. Additionally, he has four boys. How fantastic! After finding out about Muniyaandi’s affair, his wife (Saranya Ponvannan) burns herself on fire. Viruman (Karthi), their fourth son, is aware of the reality and displays his violent fury toward killing his father while also refusing to live with him. Viruman returns to his hometown years later to help his father see his errors.

Director Muthaiah is known for belting out one rural entertainer after another. In Viruman, he explores the relationship between a father and son. While his previous ventures have been enjoyable, movie is full of stale ideas. Muthaiah introduces conflicts, which have the potential to add another layer to the script. However, he resolves those conflicts conveniently. For example, Thaenu (Aditi Shankar) is the only woman who likes Muniyaandi and is willing to fight anyone for him. However, Viruman’s actions make her change her stance. Thaenu’s liking for Muniyaandi could have made her relationship with Viruman complicated. But no, Muthaiah took the easy way out.

Another major disadvantage with movie is its ridiculous dialogues. RK Suresh, who plays one of the villains, says ‘I’ll kill the father before I kill the son. I’ll kill the son before I kill the father.’ Did you just scratch your head? Don’t worry, we did too. Apart from these unintentional comedy dialogues, Viruman is highly predictable.

It is the actors who try their best to elevate the drowning script of Viruman. Karthi is seen displaying his Paruthiveeran-like charm in Viruman, which is a treat to watch. And Prakash Raj is exceptional as a misogynistic father. You literally hate his character and that’s where he succeeds. Viruman is a showreel for Aditi Shankar, daughter of legendary director Shankar. She has displayed her acting, dancing and dialogue delivery skills. And they are okay for the most part.


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