The Devil’s Hour – Season 1 review

The Devil’s Hour – Season 1 review

The Devil’s Hour is incredibly compulsive to watch because of the way the story is written, which keeps you guessing until the very end.

The Devil's Hour - Season 1 review

The Devil’s Hour Season 1 Review : Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine deliver compelling performances in this twisty thriller.

Lucy (Jessica Raine), a Child Protection worker, is at the centre of the narrative. She is coping with a number of personal problems, including her mother’s dementia, the breakdown of her marriage to Mike (Phil Dunster), and her emotionless son Isaac (Benjamin Chivers), who sees and speaks to invisible beings.
Lucy wakes up every night at 3.33 a.m. after seeing scary visions, therefore her mind is actually confused.
Are they regular nightmares triggered by the pressures and anxieties of the present, or are they the product of unresolved trauma, similar to brief hallucinations and apparent flashbacks?
Or maybe there’s something worse?

REVIEW: Tom Moran’s The Devil’s Hour explores various concepts of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The show begins with a bruised Lucy Chambers and a handcuffed Gideon Shephard (Peter Capaldi) in a strange dark room, as well as some flashbacks that set the tone for the rest of the show. Most of the time, the drama leaves you perplexed as to what is going on. However, what starts there ends with the final episode, which clarifies everything and provides many of the answers.

This six-part series, directed by Johnny Allan and Isabelle Sieb, follows Lucy who is having nightmares about things that never happened and visions of tragedies yet to occur. Her son, Isaac, is a strange little boy who has multiple imaginary friends and displays no emotion ever. Now, what’s up with the boy? Why does Lucy wake up at 3:33 am every night, and what does this have to do with her dreams? As the story progresses toward the climax, all of the answers become clear.

The Devil’s Hour is incredibly compulsive to watch because of the way the story is written, which keeps you guessing until the very end. Each episode connects to the next like a dot, but the final episode is the most explosive because it explains to the audience the philosophy of the life cycle. And when we, as viewers, are certain that we are aware of everything, the entire narrative is turned on its head.

However, the show’s problem is its slow pace and only slightly satisfying climax; adding a few more episodes to the current run would have greatly improved the plot in many ways. The first five episodes appear to be overly drawn out and serve only to lay the groundwork for ideas like time, life and death, rebirth, and many others; the final episode is the one that ties everything together. Despite their best efforts, viewers will still need more explanations for some unanswered questions.

Peter Capaldi as the antagonist terrifies from his first look and serves as the master key to resolving all mysteries. He is, however, capable of much more (think of Doctor Who), and the series tends to underutilize him. Consider his expression when he asks Lucy, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever experienced?” With a simple gaze, he just nailed the scene.

Raine delivers a storming performance as a frantic mother. She is essential in putting the puzzle pieces together. And the young Benjamin Chivers, who plays Isaac—through his lack of reaction and sad expression—is simply outstanding. His character is both frightening and sympathetic at the same time. Nikesh Patel, who plays DI Ravi Dhillon, the cop who crosses paths with Lucy while trying to solve multiple cases, also walks viewers through the plot twists as they happen. He is convincing in his role, and thankfully, his character isn’t stereotyping himself as a rough and harsh English cop.

All in all, The Devil’s Hour is quite similar to other psychological dramas we’ve seen before. But what sets it apart from other tense dramas is the intriguing way it uses memory and flashbacks to connect viewers to each character’s past, present, and future. Watch it for some chilling experience.


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