10 Costliest Luxury Yachts in the World

10 Costliest Luxury Yachts in the World

Yachting life is one loaded up with extravagance, unwinding, and class. The present Luxury Yachts are loaded up with more innovation, devices, and conveniences than most five-star inns. In them, you can discover bars, pools, hot tubs, 1000 string tally materials, and quite considerably more. This comes at a fairly steep cost. Extravagance yachts have consistently been a unimportant buy, yet there’s a huge distinction between buying A yacht and buying one of the yachts on this rundown. On the off chance that you need the most impressive available you’ve gone to the correct spot.

$200 MILLION: Octopus

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns a 414-foot yacht dubbed the Octopus. It has 41 suites and cost a whopping $200 million to build. The Octopus comes with a pool, two helicopters, and a movie theater. If that’s not enough, there’s also a basketball court and recording studio.

$250 MILLION: Al Mirqab

Qatar’s former Prime Minister, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, owns the Al Mirqab — a luxury yacht that can accommodate 24 people. The yacht won the Motor Yacht Of The Year award in 2009. It has two VIP suites that each come with a bathroom, living room, and double bedroom, the luxury on the ocean.

$256 MILLION: The Dilbar

The world’s largest yacht by gross tonnage at 15,917 tons. It was built for Alisher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire. The Dilbar has two helipads, an indoor swimming pool, and 3,800 square meters of living space.

$300 MILLION: The Al Said

The expensive yacht is owned by the Sultan of Oman. It is 509-feet long, making it one of the biggest superyachts on this list. There’s not much information about Al Said’s different amenities. It does, however, have a concert hall that can fit a 50-piece orchestra.

$440 MILLION: Motor Yacht A

Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko owns Motor Yacht A, which has seven luxurious cabins that fit 14 guests. It also has three swimming pools, one of which has a glass floor, the perfect match with the luxury lifestyle.

$560 MILLION: The Serene Yacht

The luxury boat was purchased for 500 million euros in 2015 by Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The Serene is the largest yacht to have ever launched into Italian waters.

$590 MILLION: Rising Sun

David Geffen, a billionaire entertainment mogul, owns the Rising Sun. but he originally shared it with Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle. The 454-foot superyacht comes with a basketball court and can fit 18 guests. In April, Geffen hosted the Obamas on the megayacht.

$600 MILLION: The Azzam

The world’s biggest private superyacht. No one knows the owner, but many speculate it is owned by the royal family of Abu Dhabi. It reportedly has its own submarine with a missile defense system.

$1.9 BILLION: The Eclipse

Is the second-largest yacht in the world and is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. This luxury yacht comes with two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, a disco hall, two swimming pools, and several hot tubs.

$4.8 BILLION: The History Supreme

This mega-yacht was made of solid gold and is the most expensive yacht in the world. It was reportedly sold to an anonymous Malaysian businessman in 2011. It comes with a glass-covered atrium for dining.


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